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Mountain Restaurant Supply

Commercial Kitchen Equipment Repair in Middletown

We offer the best selection of quality replacement parts, supplies and accessories for the commercial food service industry in the tri-state area. Most non stock parts are just a day away.

equipment PARTS


All sharpening is done on premises in our shop with fully trained/skilled sharpeners.


  • $1.25       1"-8" Knives
  • $2.25       9"-14" knives


  • $3.50         Lopping Shears
  • $2.50         Hand Pruning Shears
  • $3.50         Grass Clippers


  • $4.50          Ice Skates


preventative maintenance

On-Site Equipment Repair

In-shop Equipment repair


We offer in shop repair for the smaller counter top equipment. Our technicians will work on the equipment here. Once the unit is diagnosed the service department will call with an estimate for your approval. We have many parts in stock. The in shop service call is $70.00 an hour and any parts or material that is needed is extra.


Mountain Restaurant Supply commercial kitchen equipment repair in Middletown NY. Our technicians can provide all of your service needs. We service both cooking equipment and refrigeration equipment. From ovens to grills, ice machines and walk in coolers. Our service vans have a wide range of in stock parts. On Site Service calls are priced upon your location. The first hour starts at $125.00 and each additional hour is $70.00. Any parts or material that is needed is extra.

Schedule a preventative maintenance call to keep your equipment running efficiently. Ice machines should be cleaned at least every 6 months. Refrigeration equipment should be checked and have the coils cleaned out every 6 months. Depending on the environment that the equipment is in, some equipment may need to have more frequent cleanings. Preventative maintenance starts at $125.00 for the first hour and each additional hour is $70.00. Any parts or material that is needed is extra.

Commercial Kitchen Equipment Repair and Service